Passion gets excellence

Built by the courage and foresight of its founder, Terzo Battazza, the company was born and knew how to impose itself from the very beginning of the 60s in the world of road transport, with the aim of becoming a reference point for the mechanical steelworks district of Lecco, ensuring transport and logistics solutions are able to meet the needs of its customers.

Conducted by the incessant commitment of the six sons of the founder, still leading the Group, and the ability to adapt to the continuous transformations of the economic and industrial context, the company has been able to evolve over time, constantly investing in new vehicles and technologies. Thus Battazza has been able to differentiate its offer, making its recognized quality of service its competitive advantage.

With over sixty years of presence on the market, the Company in 2018 has exceeded 50 years since the establishment as an S.p.A. Now in its fourth generation, Battazza, supported by experienced and skilled women and men, is nowadays recognized on the market as an integrated logistics and intermodal Operator, and continues, day after day and with unchanged passion to move towards the future.



business, planning & family

Terzo Battazza


The landing in Lecco

Terzo Battazza, born in 1912, a farmer from the Marche, region of central Italy, moved to Lecco with his wife Angela and the six Sons, Piero, Tino, Angelo, Vittorio, Fernando and Elide, to try to build a better future for himself and his family. He started working with a company that collected solid urban waste, the Bracchi & Alessandri. When the company lost a big contract, he lost his job and that's how he decided to go into the transport world.


first steps

The first vehicle of transport bought by Terzo Battazza was a motor-truck, then, with the help of a member, he bought the first tractor, served by a large number of bills to be disposed of at 50,000 ITL each. The trucking business began in service to the metalworking district of Lecco, in which Battazza began to make itself known, making its way with the help of the Sons, a lot of work, tenacity, wisdom and a bit of luck.


business planning and family

The real change for Battazza occurred in 1963, when Terzo liquidated the other members and chose to continue the business with the sole strength of his family. On 21st October 1968 the Battazza Autotrasporti of Battazza F. & C. SNC was established, based in Lecco. The company grew steadily, establishing itself as a reliable partner for the local industry and the large companies that characterized it in those years.

Battazza trasporti anni 70 la storia


a new headquarter

The 70’s, years of the oil shocks and the strong economic-political tensions, were also difficult for the Company, which nevertheless managed to resist the crisis, continuing to invest and expanding the range of services offered to the lifting sector. It’s in these years that Battazza moved its logistics base to Olginate, fraz. Capiate, in what today constitutes the legal and operational headquarters of its activities.

The 80’s & The 90’s

Battazza Spa

Transformed in 1981 as S.p.A, for Battazza the 80s and 90s were those of affirmation and of real growth. It’s in these years that the third generation enters, the company develops its activities throughout the national territory, and strengthens its specialization in the sector of exceptional and out of shape transports. In 1991 the Carlo Brambilla, a historic concessionaire of the railway yard of Lecco-Maggianico, was taken over, and established the Brambilla Scalo srl.

in the new millennium

Intermodality is the new challenge

In the first years of the new millennium, Battazza firmly embraces the challenge of intermodality and logistic activities are strongly developed. The company permanently exceeds the 10 million euro turnover and completes its fleet with special equipment, such as to make it an operator of transport able to offer its customers more and more targeted services, even in the context of the handling of large-scale artefacts.

moving forward


Terzo Battazza, the founder, died in 2010 at the age of 97, leaving the Sons and the Grandchildren the task of carrying out his work. Strong of over 60 years of experience, the Battazza group, now in its fourth generation, supported by experienced and skilled women and men, now stands on the market as an integrated and intermodal logistics operator, and continues day by day, and with unchanged passion, to move towards the future.