A new logistics platform for the load, unloading and storage of 108ml rails

New logistics platform for the load, unloading and storage Brambilla Scalo


British Steel France Rail sas, leading manufacturer of rails, supplier of the most important railway networks at international level, has asked to us to find a solution that would allow him to deliver the rails in Italy without having to suffer the stops due to the time of discharge on construction sites.


In close collaboration with the customer, a new platform was set up at the Lecco – Maggianico railway yard, for the unloading and stacking of rails with a length of 108 ml.
In this way, British Steel can deliver the rails at a single intermediate point and free their railway wagons that can be immediately sent back to the production plant in France. At the Lecco – Maggianico terminal, the tracks are unloaded, classified and shipped throughout Italy, where they are used for maintenance work on the railway network.


The construction of the new logistics platform required an investment of 600 thousand euros. It is spread over over 110 meters in length and 12 in width. There are nine cranes-cranes, supplied and installed by the leading company Bonfanti s.r.l., which move in a synchronized and automated way. All coordinated by the work and supervision of suitably qualified and qualified professionals. The plant has a stacking capacity of around 3700 tons.


The creation of an intermediate logistic platform has allowed British Steel to significantly reduce deliver times, increasing the quality of service and allowing to program and manage the production of the rails, counting on certain times to return the wagons. Since its inauguration, which took place on 31/03/2018 in the presence of the Authorities, the plant has already allowed to dispatch over 70,000 tons of rails. Facing and winning an entirely new challenge, Brambilla Scalo s.r.l. has been able to significantly expand the range of its offer and strengthen the strategic importance for the entire territory of the railway station in Lecco.

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